Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Final preparations

In the next few days Geoff and I are considring the method we'll use to prevent the boat from toppling when we lift her. If you've read previous posts you might see our problem. Because we are lifting Peggy from the keel alone there'll be nothing to stop her falling over once we remove the props currently hold her up!
So, next week we'll visit the cellar once again to plan exactly how we are going to achieve this. As usual we are limited in what we can do because of the size of the room and the archaeological sensitivity of the walls, floor and ceiling. At the moment we are thinking along the lines of restraining the boat with props to the top corners of the room. It's hard to explain and will be easier to understand once I can show a picture of the device in action.
We are also going to set up the new boat cradle in the yard outside. This is to make sure we know which bit is which before we have to assemble it in situ. It'll be important to sort out where the foam cushions go, too - they are bespoke and each of the six is designed for a specific location on the boat. Unfortunately they arrived unmarked, so it'll be a question of putting them against the boat to find out which is which!
Right now we're in Douglas. There's little point trying to work on site because at this time of year the population of the Isle of Man doubles and everyone's on a motorbike enjoying the TT festival. It's the only time of year when the island experiences real traffic congestion.

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