Friday, 21 June 2013

Jacking the boat

On Wednesday the jacking crew arrived from England. The boat was slowly and carefully raised 4 cm. It all went very well indeed and Peggy made absolutely no sound as she was lifted. After we had chopped out the timber supports she was to be seen, for a very brief time, floating in mid-air, held only by the six jacks. Now we know the mass of the boat: only 1.5 tonnes!

Here, I am fixing timber braces to prevent to boat from toppling

Dale from Hydra Capsule adjusts one of the jacks

Shane from Hydra Capsule operating the jacking pumps

Geoff and Kev, MNH Technicians, sawing away the old timber supports

Peggy, supported only on her jacks

Manhandling 400 kg of steel....

.... James Rowbottom from the Nautical Museum helping it into position under the keel

The skelton of our new cradle in place

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