Thursday, 30 June 2016

What's happening to Peggy?

A number of people have asked us lately about Peggy and what is happening to her. Since she was removed from her boat cellar in January last year she's not been on show She's still sitting tight in her conservation facility in Douglas. So what are we actually doing?
Our conservator, Christopher Weeks, has been working hard over the last year to finish building the conservation facility around her so that it now has an office and a toilet! At the same time he has been analysing Peggy with the help of a variety of specialist technical experts. He has now a treatment programme designed to arrest further decay and preserve Peggy for future generations. Most importantly his proposals have been discussed with our peers at National Historic Ships UK, Mary Rose Trust and others, and we now have a clear mandate to proceed.
The first intervention will be to address Peggy's rusted iron nails. They'll be removed one by one and each in turn will be replaced with a timber peg made of pine. This operation will take a long time - possibly as long as two years - and will be costly. Manx National Heritage will have to ensure funds are in place and that there is a team with experience of working on comparable projects available to do the work at a competitive rate. Christopher will be undertaking pilot trials to fix on the exact method we'll use. He'll be able to project the real cost of the job so we can seek funding. It'll take a while to get all this lined up - watch this space for further developments as they arise.