Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Rails and blocks

Geoff and Kevin (MNH technicians) and I have been busy laying rails on the cellar floor. We will assemble our cradle on top of these in two weeks’ time. It was very important to get the rails pointing in the right direction and to make sure they are parallel to each other, level, the correct height, and inclined down the slope at the correct angle. Unsurprisingly that took us all day!
We then laid down some barrier textile to protect the floor and set the rails in concrete. We also set some concrete blocks on the ground upon which to sit the hydraulic jacks we’ll use to lift the boat. We’re giving the concrete a couple of weeks to go off completely because we can’t afford to take any chances.

Setting the rails

Kev draws the short straw - cutting concrete blocks

This picture shows Geoff levelling the jacking blocks. Note the rod slotted through the keel: this will be used to lift the boat.


  1. Hi there, I am Andy Chen, Chief editor of China Yachting magazine based in Beijing, the first yachting magazine in Chinese. I am very interested in Yacht Peggy, and wanna make an article about her in one of our coming issues, can I use the pictures posted in your blog?

  2. Dear Andy,
    Thank you for the interest you have shown in our project.
    Yes, please use the photographs in the blog BUT YOU MUST CREDIT US, for example "Image courtesy of Manx National Heritage (".

    1. Thanks Christopher, may I know the relationship between you and the restoration project? I may have some questions for you about the yacht.
      What's more is there any latest news coming out about the project? I saw the last time you post article about the yacht was last year.

    2. No problem with the photo credit notes, but do you have any pictures of Peggy with more artistic feel? :-)