Monday, 13 May 2013

Week's progress

No pun intended...
Geoff has fitted the stainless steel 'yolks' to the keel of Peggy (you'll recall the keel is a replacement dating from 1950). These have a hole through them to take bars that will be used to lift the boat.They are permanent alterations to the keel, and accordingly they are very beautifully made and precisely fitted. They are also slightly rebated so that we will be able to hide them with a suitable veneer once we have used them.
Most of last week was spent phoning round all the contractors that are lined up to help with the lift of the boat and the installation of the cradle, namely the fabricators, jacking crew and crane operator (the new cradle will need to be hoisted into the museum yard over the roof). I have had to apply for closure of Bridge Street to allow the crane to operate. It looks like with are all set for the installation of the new cradle during the week beginning 17th June.

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