Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Timber analysis now in

Thanks to Hutton+Rostron* I now have in front of me a report on their analyses of Peggy's timbers. This is an extract from their moisture content survey

Hutton+Rostron Peggy Survey, January 2016

If you enlarge the picture you should see that Peggy is apparently very wet (especially at the stern, where she was most often wetted by the tide)! However, because she is so salty, these readings must be tempered down a bit.
H&R also mapped the fungal and insect damage, as well as positively identifying all the timber types:

Peggy timber types, after H+R
Anyway, all this data tells us how much we need to dry Peggy to arrest further rusting, salt damage, fungal decay, insect attack and paint loss (phew!). This is really important because we do NOT want to dry her any more than we have to.

* Hutton+Rostron, Netley House, Gomshall, Guildford, Surrey, GU5 9QA. 01483 203221; ei@handr.co.uk

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