Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Action at last!

In January 2015 Peggy was moved to her new conservation facility in Douglas on the Isle of Man. In anticipation of further work on that building, she was boxed-up in an environmentally conditioned container, and that's exactly where she has stayed since. 
The good news is that we at Manx National Heritage have been far from idle in the intervening 7 months, planning the upcoming stages of the yacht's stabilisation and preservation. Finally, too, this week we have local fabricators Wilson and Collins Ltd. building the partition that will create the workshop enclosure for Peggy, along with a mezzanine office and viewing platform.

New workshop steel-work goes in

Peggy in the background (boxed). The office wall, at the moment, is missing!

 As soon as W&C are finished we can deploy the humidification plant in the workshop and un-box Peggy into an atmosphere that will prevent her from drying for the time being. It looks likely that we'll need to do most of the work on Peggy in an atmosphere fairly dripping with moisture. Heigh-ho. 

My wild flower planting outside the workshop brightens up the industrial state a little 

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