Monday, 2 February 2015

Success at last!

Well, we finally did it! Six years in the planning, three days in execution. Everything went very smoothly and, since pictures speak louder than words, I make no apology for the following...

Setting out the rail lines

Removing the 1950 concrete threshold

Welding the central rail

Cutting steel for rail extensions

Testing Geoff Mitchell's jockey-wheels

Peggy emerging from the cellar with inches to spare

Free at last!

Laying out the steels for the lifting cradle

MNH staff building the lifting cradle...

... and working into the night to complete it.

Ready for lift off, complete with masts and spars

A great lift by Mann Crane Ltd, Isle of Man

Into Bridge Street

Along the street to the waiting truck

Loaded for transport

In the new conservation facility

Building a climate-controlled enclosure for temporary storage

Boxed-up safely

L-R: Geoff Mitchell, Kevin Kinnin, CW, Colin Cowie. 

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