Monday, 6 January 2014

New Year, new flood

As I mentioned in my penultimate post, the Spring tides are wreaking havoc on the Isle of Man this Winter. The flooding in the boat cellar this week has been the worst for many years, aided by the strong south-westerly winds. For all the reasons I have written about before, having the boat in contact with, or under, seawater is little short of disastrous. Unfortunately, due to the design and construction of the boat house, there was absolutely nothing we could do to stop the water getting in (such as sand-bagging for example). The results of this week’s tidal flooding serve yet again to underscore the urgency of what we are trying to achieve.

Here are some pictures showing waves breaking over the boat yard and the cellar and boat full off water (it can't float because it's full of holes!).

On a more positive note we have received planning consent for the alteration to the site necessary to remove Peggy. Oxford Archaeology North has been invited to undertake the archaeological dig that will free Peggy from her watery prison. As soon as the tides goes out they can get started!

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